Monday, October 6, 2014

the middle child

our family has proven it is possible to have a middle child when you have 4 children.
because of different personalities, this boy has always been our middle child.
(he was stuck in his spot after the 5th baby too)
my grandmother once told me the 'squeaky tire gets the oil'.
he's never gotten much oil.

in his own quiet way, he's growing up and is now one of the big boys.

the only problem with this...
our next boy in line isn't really middle child material.

Monday, September 29, 2014

since i'm on a roll here:

i now have boys old enough to take off on their own
to mountain bike for hours at a time.
i have no idea how to check their tire pressure,
but they can change a flat tire on a trail and a bunch of other stuff i don't even know about.

i feel like i'm supposed to be sad.  i'm not at all.
i admire them.

i'm going to miss this

every night after we put our boys to bed,
we crawl into our bed to read and talk before we doze off.

in a few short weeks a different season will begin.
we will be laying in bed staring at our new son trying to memorize his every feature.
a few days later reality will hit and exhaustion will engulf us.
we will spend the next season quickly putting our big boys to bed and feeding the baby so that we can get a few hours of sleep before the baby is hungry again.

in no time at all though, we will be back to crawling into our bed by ourselves to read and talk.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

all the acorns

i don't pretend that my boys are perfect, because they are not.
after all, they are my boys.
but there is one thing i can say about them.
they all get along.  they very rarely ever argue.
they are friends.
i don't know if it is their personalities, something the husband and i have done,
or just a wonderful blessing from God.
watching their friendship is something that i enjoy.

this night bo christian decided that he needed all the acorns.
his brothers quickly filled his request.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

for me to remember

a month ago the boys and i closed the school books and went to the lake for the day.
it was just us.  not another person in sight.  oh, and the sun.  don't forget the warm sun.
the only sounds i heard for hours was them, the water and the pages of my mother earth magazine.
it was heaven.

i want to remember that day when it is cold and dreary this winter.

bo christian!
he does not like the water as much as his brothers did at his age.
probably because his mother has sat on the beach in a chair all summer instead of interacting with him.  but, my excuse is i've been growing a baby brother for him!
anyways, his feet must be touching the bottom at all times.

the best part of the whole day:
bronson caught his first fish!