Friday, July 20, 2012

5 happy things

1.  a tv free week causes things like this to happen:

2.  hot sun + hot breeze + endorphins = sweaty happiness

3.  i found connor cleaning the kitchen without being asked.  he's never done dishes before.  i might have observed him only rinsing dirty dishes before putting them in the dish drainer.  oh, well.  it was his effort i appreciated.

4.  i got to give a baby shower to a dear friend.  these flowers still look beautiful almost 2 weeks later.  every time i see them i say a prayer for her and her new little blessing.

5.  happy is a baby safely in "containers".  bo christian will be crawling soon and a new era will begin.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

on the couch this morning

there sat 4 of my boys talking about minecraft with the tv off.

- a monumental moment -

not because the tv was off.  oh no.  the only reason it was off was because this is a tv free week.  i am a really good mom like that.

and they always talk about minecraft.  nothing special there.  

did you notice my baby is sitting still? 
sitting.  just sitting and playing with a car.  monumental!

bo christian does not sit still.  i have 2 choices when holding him.
it is really very simple.  i can move or he can move. 
but, he sat still with his brothers today.

he has a new expression.  scrunches his face up. 
makes me laugh every time.

bo christian can float

obviously not here, but he really did one time.  promise.

husband is really wanting to teach bo christian to swim.  he would rather squeal and splash.

i put these pictures on here all by myself.  after husband told me that my camera doesn't have a cord to plug into the computer.  note to self:  take card thingie out of the camera 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

why pickles & beans...

short answer is because my husband named my blog.

long answer is because it is a funny (to us) story we already forgot.

one of my boys would get in the car after school every day and take off his shoes and socks.  then clean out his toe jam - all my boys are awesomely clean like that.  and this is where it gets fuzzy. was the toe jam the pickles & beans or did the toe jam smell like pickles & beans?  anyways, this happened day after day while waiting in the car line.  

sometimes we ask about those pickles & beans.  if something really stinks, then it smells like pickles & beans.  when we are in the car and we hear "i'm bored" of course we have him check on those pickles & beans.

i do not want to forget stories like this one.

and since every post needs a picture...  

caden just took this picture of bo christian and made it pop up here.
(insert proud mommy moment) 

it only took me about 2 hours to type this one post.
and i still don't know how my adorable baby got on here.