Thursday, April 4, 2013

my ma-maw

last week i got to help my ma-maw move.
it was the most time i have spent with her since i was in elementary school.
some things i noticed while i was with her:
she is the only person i know who genuinely wants everyone else to be happy-
no matter what her feelings are.
i want to be able to love people just like that.
a cute pitcher that my mom made for ma-maw now sits on my mantle.
oh, stuff.
all the stuff our culture tells us we need.
what a big fat lie!
my ma-maw had to down-size, which meant she had to get rid of some things.
she really didn't have that much anyways,
but it just proved to me what i already knew.
all the stuff is not worth my time or money or energy.
a beautiful quilt my great-grandmother made.
and decorating.
have you ever noticed how older people fill their homes with things that have meaning.
i'm talking grandma style here.
their homes are not anything we would see in better homes and gardens or pottery barn.
but, their homes are so welcoming, inviting and warm.
that is what i want my home to feel like.

he's eating out of an old tin measuring cup.
i'm so thankful i had the time to spend with ma-maw
and for the things she taught me.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

bo christian

because he really is that beautiful.
you would let your beautiful baby stand on your table to admire the tulips too.
are those tulips gorgeous or what!?!
i just adore toddlers.
i enjoy watching them learn and express themselves.
they might be some of my favorite people.
they are also some of the most exhausting people!

Monday, April 1, 2013


us in our easter best.
i love my face expression.
i laugh way more than anyone else i live with.
the boys thought that bo Christian looked like a pilgrim.
maybe so, but he was a beautiful pilgrim!
i should give a great Lenten recap,
full of very intelligent bible words.
but i am not.
i will say that i read the bible more than usual this lent.
i hope to continue.
easter is becoming my favorite holiday.
this year the weather was perfect.
bo christian was unusually fussy during mass,
but the rest of the day was just wonderful.
husband and i were able to take a nap,
we ate nanny's delicious strawberry cake,
the big boys played in the mud,
and after dinner we had an indoor egg hunt because of a huge mud issue.
their mud muscles.

 and lastly, husband helping bo christian "sort" his candy.