Friday, January 25, 2013

my boys lately

pans for race tracks-
they do have a race track for those tiny cars.

a broken spindle-
don't ask.
pouring applesauce-
bodies on the table and too much.

he's still for a minute.

dad and sons cross fit workout.

my favorite-
teaching a little brother to play.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

growing up

 my baby is learning to drink out of a straw.
i bought a man's size small sweatshirt for my oldest son.

my boys really are growing up.
why can't i just freeze time for a little while?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

a jaunt

jaunt:  a short journey, especially one taken for pleasure.
husband and the boys had mlk day off.
we had a 3 day weekend to celebrate!
so we took a jaunt to a hotel with an indoor water park.
i am starting to realize you can remember things different ways.
for example...
the baby, who loves his own bed, would not go to sleep.
imagine an over-tired crying baby, loud excited brothers and exhausted parents.
husband walked the hotel halls with the baby until he fell asleep.
or i could remember
we all went to bed at 11pm, slept all night long and did not wake up until 8 am.
it was some of the best sleep i've had in a while.
all that is to say, i am getting better at remembering only the happy parts.
the only time the camera came out.
me and my 2 babies eating our not nutritional pop tart breakfast.
and 2 of husband's right toes - not his fingers.

  * the baby wasn't too sure of the water park.  my baby who never wants to be held, wanted me to hold him the whole time we were there.  my back aches from holding him.  i love it.  i loved the feel of his almost naked body next to my skin.  i loved all the little conversations we had about all the people we saw.  i just loved holding him since i never get to.
* at one point i told husband i thought he would sound happier if he smiled while he talked.  he had a huge fake smile plastered on his face all day long - which made me laugh every time i looked at him.  he sounded like mrs. doubtfire when he spoke.  his said his cheeks were cramping because they were not used to smiling so much.
* one picture i wish i had (i'm trying to make it stick in my brain):  my 4 big boys sitting on top of one big blue tube in the lazy river.  they were laughing together.  they never even knew i was watching them.

*connor took his little Jesus statue.  Jesus carefully sat on the edge of his bed.