Monday, March 9, 2015

all the diagnoses

since coleman was born, i have had a rash sort-of thing on my body.
that intensely itches.
can't sleep itch, scratch until i bleed itch, can't function itch.
just a never ending itch.
the itching part deserves its own post.

i've been told:
breast yeast infection.
not a breast yeast infection.
i need a liver cleanse.
there is no such thing as candida.
(no one else in my house has scabies, but whatever.
we did the treatments and it did not help)
my body is having an allergic reaction to something.

this is what i do know:
i do not like gentian violet and i now hate purple.
i had a liver panel done that came back normal.
i do not have a auto-immune disease.
the candida diet is a great way to loose a lot of weight really fast.
steroids are a great way to gain all that weight back.
i have the most loving and devoted husband who has done everything in his power to keep me comfortable.

i think i am finally healing.
i'm off the steroids and the rash is not coming back.
i do not need anti-histamines every day anymore.
and i really hope this is 
the end.

i wish i knew what it was and how to avoid it again-
especially since it took 4 months to clear up.