Monday, September 29, 2014

since i'm on a roll here:

i now have boys old enough to take off on their own
to mountain bike for hours at a time.
i have no idea how to check their tire pressure,
but they can change a flat tire on a trail and a bunch of other stuff i don't even know about.

i feel like i'm supposed to be sad.  i'm not at all.
i admire them.

i'm going to miss this

every night after we put our boys to bed,
we crawl into our bed to read and talk before we doze off.

in a few short weeks a different season will begin.
we will be laying in bed staring at our new son trying to memorize his every feature.
a few days later reality will hit and exhaustion will engulf us.
we will spend the next season quickly putting our big boys to bed and feeding the baby so that we can get a few hours of sleep before the baby is hungry again.

in no time at all though, we will be back to crawling into our bed by ourselves to read and talk.