Friday, March 22, 2013

a post of whining

1.  this was yesterday:

it is supposed to be spring now!

2.  this week was spring break for the boys.
it was a hard week.
not a bad week, but a hard one.
it was one of those weeks where no matter what i did, i just couldn't get on top of anything.
like i was swimming as fast as i could, but i was drowning.
not even treading water.
 the husband came home each night to a grouchy wife and a fussy baby and wild big boys.
that is not the way i want my husband to be welcomed at the end of his work day.
i am surprised he continued coming home to us.

3.  our vacuum is broken.
this isn't a real problem, just an inconvenience.
i'm guessing i am supposed to say i am thankful for our shop vacuum and broom.

4.   i've never been a soda drinker.
i have been very proud of that little fact.
this week i realized i am drinking at least 1 soda a day.
it all started last summer when caden ordered a pepsi from a restaurant.
it has spiraled out of control since then.
i have decided that my family is giving up that bad-boy-juice.

5.  on a much happier note-
i found out this week my boys can help me more than i thought.
in 40 minutes we:
cleaned 2 bathrooms, windexed the house and van, dusted,
folded towels, swept the floors, and picked up downstairs.
this summer is going to be good!

6.  this was exactly 12 months ago:

do you see all that green outside?

and this was my babies 12.5 months ago:

connor will not hardly read a picture book anymore.
he's moved up to chapter books now.
his pocket full of mechanical pencils makes me smile.

and bo christian.
i want that butter-ball baby back and keep the little dookie he's turned into.

yeah, the weather effects me this much.
i need some sunshine.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

just too good

do you have a thing that is just too good?
a thing that you take for granted?
i do.
it is putting him to bed.
after bo christian was a couple of months old,
he didn't want to be rocked or nursed to sleep anymore.
he just wanted to be laid in his bed.
you could say i was extremely upset about this.
but, i followed his lead like i have done with all my babies.
now, i just give him his passy and blankie and tell him how much Jesus loves him.
sometimes he is throwing his blankies in his bed before i am finished.
and sometimes he is even diving from my arms into his bed.
he usually sings and talks to himself for a while.
and he never cries unless he is over tired.
every once in a while when i ask if he is ready to go night-night,
he will shake his head no.
i will wait a few minutes and ask again and then it will be time.
we really hit the jack-pot with this little too good thing.

Monday, March 18, 2013

a hike

our first hike of the year:


Sunday, March 17, 2013

wiws: st. patrick's day

today i am linking up with all the girls at fine linen and purple.
it is st. patrick's day, so what kind of catholic girl would i be if i didn't wear green?
the problem:  the only green i own is a thin summer scarf.
so a thin summer scarf it was and chilly i was too!
today we walked into mass during the responsorial psalm.
epic fail!
something about having a "big" family makes us get to mass on time.
our herd walking in late with all the stares.
and what would we ever do if we couldn't sit together?
you know because of our seating chart order.
now i am supposed to tell you where i got the ensemble.
read ahead if you are going for a mixed up season look.
shirt - penneys
skirt - target
scarf - eddie bauer
boots - some store in the mall
disclaimer:  i do not think 5 kids equals a big family at all.
it is just "big" for our parish.