Saturday, August 25, 2012

9 months old

love me some fat baby legs.

Friday, August 24, 2012

happy things

1.  i like this baby.
he's even cute while doing this:

paper and onions-
what a combo.
2.  all the big boys have had a great first week of school.

i have peace when i drop them off in the morning.
that is huge.
and not to be taken for granted.

 and since this is all about me... 
i might be counting down for Christmas break.
i miss the free entertainment for the baby.

3.  i really *like* him too!

he makes me smile.
...wonder if i could've gotten a closer picture...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

first day of school

the obligatory first day of school picture.

bauer - 7th
caden - 6th
bronson - 4th
connor - 2nd

they look scared, but really they were just annoyed with the whole take a picture thing.
they were all excited.
they stood in "number order" on their own.
and they are adorable.  i still can't believe all those boys are mine.

i did not cry this this year.
but, i almost did when i saw this one girl.
when she got out of her car, she stood frozen on the sidewalk with her head down.  she turned to look back at her mom.  the mom got out of the car and walked over to her.  this is a big no-no in the drop off line.  it was obvious it was the girl's first year at middle school and she was scared.  the mother lovingly spoke to her daughter, gave her a big hug and then quickly turned to get back into the car.  i know that mom was trying to be strong for her daughter.  i'm sure she got into her car and drove off crying.

after watching the two of them, i am so glad that all of my boys wanted to walk into school by themselves.  they did not need me.  i have been that other mom before and i am thankful that i wasn't this year.

Monday, August 20, 2012

a car cart

i could write so much about this one picture.
so, i think i will.

1.  i do not walk around stores with my camera to take pictures of my boys.
in real life, i rarely have my camera.
i took this picture with my not-a-smart-phone-phone.
yes, they really do still make those.
husband e-mailed the picture to me.
on my own i figured out how to get that picture from my e-mail to here.
it took a long time, but i had the time to waste.
the baby was asleep for the night.
husband and bauer were at a fire.
the other boys wanted to wait on them to get back.  really i think they just wanted to play xbox and that was their excuse.  whatever.
we all were doing something we wanted to do.
and i got that picture on here!  i am proud of myself in a this is totally not important kind of way.

2.  years ago bauer, bronson and connor were in one of these car carts.  once we got into the parking lot they wanted to go really fast.  since i thought they were all good drivers, i pushed them all really fast.  they were not good drivers.  their car cart rolled over and all my babies were laying scattered around the parking lot.  it was just a horrible screaming crying mess.  a random stranger, husband, and i peeled all my babies off of that asphalt and i've never let the boys drive one of those carts again.
until this day.
connor wanted to show bo christian how to drive a car cart.  bo christian does know how to drive a car cart safely.  i do see them in his future.

3. did you know that
if you pile a bunch of boys into a car cart
every time they touch metal
they can shock themselves and their brothers?
me either.
i was told it was "epic".
all i know is that it was loud and fun to watch!

4.  my well behaved children did not ride in the cart like that picture shows.
they were jumping in and out of the cart or
leaning out all sorts of ways trying to touch all the metal they could find.
except for bo christian - the excellent driver -
he sat quietly in his seat with his seat belt fastened.
i guess we looked very friendly that day because strangers kept talking to us.  we offered each one a ride, but they always turned us down.  maybe the strangers just like to watch people have fun instead of joining in.

5.  i wish there was a number five to write about, but 4 will do.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


this post is totally inspired by connor.
it was thought up and dictated by him.

My son just finished his root beer and he put his cup on the table and said, "That root beer was good."