Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in 13 photos

i've regretted not doing this last year.
so here i am after not blogging for way too long.
this year has been good to us.
it started off nice and easy, then the changes came.
not bad changes, just changes that shook us up a a good way.
our 5th baby at the ripe old age of 14 months got stitches.
that was the first time any of my boys received stitches from the ER.
that was hard for me, but he didn't seem to care.
teaching a younger brother to play his trumpet.
moments like these melt my heart:
husband started making popcorn.
it is great for when i do not make enough dinner-
which happens more and more these days.
it has also become our standard sunday night dinner.
I wrote more about it here.
the big boys' lips.
us at Easter.
i'm still disgusted with myself for letting the boys wear jeans.
but, it is the best family picture of the whole year!
i should've used it for a Christmas card, however...
every mom thinks it, but my baby is just beautiful.
connor made his first communion in april.
it is still strange to think we have 4 boys old enough to receive the eucharist.
i gave up on making cakes this year.
and not just because of this mess!
bronson's birthday cake was awful this year.
i will stick with cookies and pies.
this bike ride was awesome.
i have countless pictures just like this one.
it has been neat to watch how the boys have grown up
sitting right here every single morning eating their breakfast.
obviously they are not awake yet:
this was a year that was full of duck tape.
a chariot that they made:

we started homeschooling again!
one of a few changes.
this has been much easier than i thought it would be.
and of course it is so rewarding.
each boy is happy too.
day 1:

i have to say something about my baby getting bigger.
i will probably always say it, but i wish i could have just one more baby.
there have been many times i have gotten us both dressed and realized that we were dressed similar.
guess i was subconsciously going for a 4th of july in january look here.
so dorky and funny!

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