Saturday, November 3, 2012

thankful for my boys

you knew this one was coming didn't you.
i thought about taking one day for each boy, but then i thought that would be cheating.
i am very thankful that i get to be a mother.
not all women are able to be a mom.
it is easier for some and harder for some.
some mommas have babies on the other side of the world waiting on them.
and some mommas have babies in heaven they have never met.
i think our society doesn't appreciate the gift of being able to be a mom.
i am glad i get to experience life with my boys.

a short story about one of my boys that will remain nameless...
so, i was explaining something to a boy of mine.
something he needed to listen to.
i was trying to get his attention - he doesn't listen well:
me:  listen to me very closely.  i need you to remember this.
the boy sticks his dirty finger nailed finger in my face and says:  no.  you listen to me.
yes, i was speechless.  my boys are not allowed to talk to me that way.
the boy sounding so sweet:  i got you a christmas present.
then he raised his leg right there and farted a rumbling loud stinky fart.
boy:  i know it is a little early, but i think it'll do.
i did laugh. i don't even remember what i was trying to tell him.  but, i do remember his face expression.  he was so proud of himself.
what is it with boys and farting?

but for real, i am thankful i get to be a mom to all these boys.

Friday, November 2, 2012

thankful for the library

i know i am a dork.
but it is true, i am thankful for our library.
it is like my personal storage building for all my books.
they buy the books, take care of them, and even put them back in the correct spot for me.
did you know that you can request books and most of the time they will order the book for you?
when i home schooled the boys, we would go every other week.
we would check out 30-40 books each time.
that's a lot of books!
we would read most of them, but sometimes the boys would get thick non-fiction books just to look at the pictures.
our library is in the middle of a small park.
a park full of ducks that like to be fed stale bread.

 next time bo christian and i will take bread.
i think he's ready to throw bread to those ducks.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

thankful for slow days

the other day i needed to go into the mall.
i decided i would let bo christian walk since we were not in a hurry.
you know the lady you get stuck behind and you just want to scream 'pick that baby up - you are slowing me down!'
yep, that was me.
i liked the feel of his little tiny hand in mine as we walked in silence.
how he would pull my hand where he wanted to go.
he noticed every time the flooring changed. and it does a lot in a mall. i had never noticed.
when i did pick him up, he really didn't care.
it was like he saw a whole different place.  he probably did considering his size.
i could not believe how far he walked.  he's still not one year old.  i guess he has lots of places to go.

i am thankful i have the time to slow down and enjoy my boys.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

happy halloween

bronson's eyes!
this was the best picture we got.
we had a couple of zombies,
a clown,
and an adorable puppy.

when a boy decides to be a clown after 6 o'clock on halloween night, this is what you get.  his face paint was awesome.
most importantly, he was very happy.
caden the zombie had already left with his friends.
we walked our neighborhood with 2 of bauer's best friends' families.
that was a lot of kiddos to keep track of.
and a lot of crazy fun too!

in case you are wondering, this is how you keep your baby brother away while you trade candy.
bo christian was only wanting all their suckers.

halloween and other things

today is halloween.
my most favorite holiday.
i have not bought a pumpkin or made a costume this year.
and that is why i love it!
i don't have to plan a single thing and it will still be great.
my boys dress up, get candy from neighbors and we give candy to other happy children.  how fun is that!?!
last night we bought the candy and whatever the big boys needed for their costumes.
bo christian will be a puppy.  the same costume caden, bronson and connor wore.
he will be adorable!
connor has figured out how to carry bo christian.  bo wraps his legs tightly around connor's waist.  he hangs on like a baby monkey.  connor walked with him while i made pancakes this morning.
for the month of november i am going to post something i am thankful for every day.
wow, just writing that sounds like a challenge - not the thankful part, the everyday computer time part.  i want to keep up!

Monday, October 29, 2012

the string phase

so, caden had a substitute at school.
can you imagine?  a middle school substitute.  i think that might be one of the worst jobs ever.
i am scared of middle schoolers.
i enjoy my big boys.  i even like their friends.
and i really haven't met one that i don't like - unless you count when i was in middle school.
but still, they are a terrifying group of kids.
anyways.  this sub knew what she was doing.
after the class had finished their assignment, she gave each of them some string.
then proceeded to show them string tricks.
you know, things like jacob's ladder, a fly trap and a witch's hat.
caden brought his string home and taught his brothers all the tricks.
right now i would say we are most definitely in a "string phase".
here are the boys one night watching a you tube video on the ipad.
they are learning how to make a witch's broom.
their determination...
here we are after they learned their new trick.
guess who was still watching football.
and no, connor did not get glasses.  they are husband's old ones with the lenses out.
he had worn them for book character day at school.
he cracks me up.

connor wanted me to take a picture of him riding his "witches broom".

seriously. cracks. me. up.