Thursday, January 9, 2014


for the past 6 months i have only worn skirts.
i do not own shorts, jeans or pants.

years ago (like maybe 5!) God made it clear to me that He wanted me to wear skirts.
since i did not want to be that homeschoolin' mom in skirts
or maybe because i am vain,
i only added a few summer skirts.
but God never quit whispering to me.
those few new skirts were not what he wanted from me.

this past summer i read a book.
do not read this book unless you want your life to be turned upside down.
it showed me the BIG picture.
i didn't even finish the book.  the first few chapters were enough.

so yeah, after that read, i got rid of all my shorts, jeans and pants.
i was completely confused about what to wear.
not to mention there wasn't a budget for a new wardrobe.

to say it was hard for me is an understatement.
i cried.  real tears over clothes.
i cried when i gave away my perfect purple skinny jeans and other stacks of clothes.
i quickly learned how vain i am.
and then i cried more because i am that vain.

after i figured some things out...
like longer skirts are better for a momma,
where to buy skirts(!),
what fabrics to wear when,
and how to stay warm in the winter-
i discovered that i absolutely adore wearing skirts.
i am more comfortable,
i've been much warmer this winter,
and i've learned about modesty.
just a homeschoolin' momma in a denim skirt(!) with her boys
i have not found one activity that i can not do in a skirt,
which has totally surprised me.
i can also tell that by doing something that seems so small-
changing my wardrobe for God,
that He is also changing me.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

connor got a watch for Christmas

while playing in shave cream on tuesday, connor told me it was

22 hours and just about 14 minutes since we were at church.

now who keeps their stopwatch running for that long?

Monday, January 6, 2014

another new year!

a single photo from new year's eve:
11:44 pm
look who stayed awake and who did not.
yes, bo christian (the 2 year old!) was awake until midnight.
connor hasn't made it until midnight yet.
husband was asleep by 10:30.
we were nice to him since he had worked all day.
all the boys and i were in our beds by 12:11am as husband was walking out the door to go to a fire.
such is the life of a fireman and a non-partying family.
i usually do not make new year resolutions.
but, this year i am.
this year we are going to eat more paleo-ish.
i cook and buy the food, so i get to decide.
less sweets and more real food for us.
the husband and i are going to try to pray the liturgy of the hours.
i know we will not pray all of them, but we are going to try for some.
i want the liturgy of the hours app.
{insert drum roll}
which means this low-tech woman has finally requested an i-phone.
i am going to trade in my vintage flip phone.
(this might be the year i start texting too, but probably not.)
tomorrow we start schooling again.
it will be nice to get back in our groove and start these resolutions.
Happy Epiphany of the Lord!