Thursday, January 30, 2014

rickashay fredrick

rickashay fredrick passed away.

he used to be named rickashay when he was caden's gerbil.
(pronounced ricochet)
i wrote more about him here.
anyways, caden gave him to connor who changed his named to fredrick.

the only picture i have of the gerbils.
fredrick only had 1 front tooth and a severe crick in his neck.
his black fur had turned gray.
he couldn't climb like he used to.  i think arthritis must have set in.
he was about 4 years old.
i wonder how old he was in gerbil years.

hopefully he's running the tunnels in heaven with ralph.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

13 more weeks

just 13 more weeks until we are finished with school.
that is how i think of my life these days.

it will take us much longer than that though.
spring is coming and we will need to enjoy that!
a salt column.
this makes it sound like i don't enjoy schoolin' my boys.
the opposite is true.
and i am proud of the fact that i have aced pre-algebra!

working on his states.
things that i've enjoyed learning with each boy:
connor:  he's read the chapter books that i enjoy.
he's going to read little house on the prairie soon.  i can't wait!
bronson:  watching his spelling and writing improve has been awesome.
he's so creative with his writing too.  makes it fun to read.
caden:  this boy just continues to baffle me.
the way he processes math is way over my head.
bauer:  he's the one i get to do pre-algebra with.
i've also enjoyed reading through the book of acts with bauer and caden.
and doing grammar with those brain is about to explode (in the best sort of way) every time we finish.  do they not teach grammar in schools anymore?  they can now pick out nouns, pronouns, adjectives and we are working on verbs.

only 13 more weeks left!