Friday, June 6, 2014


this is my favorite time of day right now:
just look at my connor!
we all lay down and read.
it is so quiet for like a whole solid hour!

bo christian takes his 3 hour nap.
the little black fan drowns out all the noise for him.

this forces me to lay down and just read.  i enjoy that.
i just started the lions of little rock.
then after a bit i doze off.

hot summer afternoons can be the best.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

may excursions

husband had been wanting a 4 wheel drive truck that would seat all his boys.
after going on an exhausting 3 day excursion to get an excursion, he finally got one.
if i had known how happy that truck would make him, he would have had one much sooner.
we call it the "blue beast", but really it is just a fancy piece of crap that loves gasoline.
and i must say, there is something sexy about a man that drives a truck with a bunch of boys hanging out of each window.

he took us on a camping excursion in his excursion.
i really do not like to camp, but i live with all these boys and a husband that love it.
so, i go because i love to be with them.
this time wasn't that bad.  except it rained a couple times every single day.
as we were packing up, i realized i hadn't taken a single photo.
here is what i got in a short minute.
this was one of his favorite things to do.
we decided to come home when he ran out of dry clothes.
we only brought bo's bike...
husband and the 4 big boys canoed.
we spent a lot of time on the river playing and relaxing.
some boys fished and some just threw rocks.
we had a great time despite the never ending rain.

husband then took us on another excursion in his excursion.
i'm not sure what to call it.  maybe...
trail riding,
driving on old logging roads???
whatever you call it, i don't think men with 5 children and one on the way do it.

this is how he felt about it:

the boys were assessing this situation to see if we could make it up and over this road:

i learned real quick when to roll up the windows so mud would not fly in the truck.
i also learned that this is not an activity to do if you don't like mud or laughing, screaming boys or if you don't like being jerked around.
also, his 4 wheel drive does work very well.