Thursday, January 3, 2013

mumbo jumbo about blogging

i have read blogs for years.
i really enjoy reading about other "real" people.
and i have received encouragement and learned many things
from ladies that don't even know i exist.
(maybe i should write a whole post just on that...)

i started a blog on a whim.
i needed a new challenge for my-low-tech-self so i started this.
as you can see, i am not a writer or a photographer.
however i enjoy writing about my life.
it really is an easy way to journal.

i can't talk about me without talking about my boys - they are a huge part of my life.
sometimes i struggle with putting pictures of them on here.
and i want my boys to tell their own stories from their experiences -
not the way i saw their lives unfolding.
anyways, all of that is to say
i don't know what my purpose is in this space anymore.
i am not sure if i am going to continue here in this new year.
for the month of january i am not planning on posting.
i will see what february feels like to me...

christmas picture 2012

i am very proud of our christmas picture.
(that i never posted)
husband made a tripod and we went to the park.
this is what we got.
i am so pleased!