Friday, September 28, 2012

the toilet paper nazi

it was a family meeting.
something about too much toilet paper and clogged toilets
turned husband into the toilet paper nazi.

apparently 7 squares are enough.
here he is showing the boys how to make that work:

and here he is when he realized that i had the camera:

the boys tried to take husband seriously.
but, then they saw that i was not.

one boy did ask if they had to double dip with the toilet paper.
and that pretty much ended the meeting.

i love that man.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


one of my big boys and i were talking.
he and a friend are having a disagreement.
like a hypocritical preacher woman, i asked my boy what would Jesus do.
he answered forgive.
i asked so what should you do?
he answered i'm not forgiving him.
just like that it hit me.
that is how Jesus feels about me.
he tells me over and over the right thing to do.
i keep letting me get in the way.

the next morning i read this:
the Lord, your God, shall you follow, and him shall you fear;
his commandment shall you observe, and his voice shall you heed, serving him and holding fast to him alone.
deuteronomy 13:5

i got the message loud and clear.
it says nothing about me.
it is all about Him.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

10 months

bo christian is 10 months old today.
he is crawling now.
of all my babies, i have taken the most time to enjoy bo christian.
but, he has been the hardest to nurse!
i've never understood when other moms would say that they couldn't nurse their baby.
bo christian has helped me to understand.
the only thing that kept me from quitting is the cost of formula.
i am that cheap.
he refuses to nurse with anyone around.
that is hard, but not the hardest part.

i got mastitis for the first time.
that was the sickest i have ever been.
and then i got it again.
i have nursed him with tears from pain streaming down my face.
i've had indescribable sores.
i went to 3 doctors.
2 doctors were just no help at all.
but, dr. o saved us.
he didn't know what was wrong, but he did know that nursing was best for my baby.
he put me on all sorts of medicines and gave me 2 shots.
i pumped for a whole week.
bo christian drank formula for that whole week.
and then we started cautiously nursing again.
thankfully, we have been good ever since.
he takes 2 formula bottles a day.
he nurses the rest of the time...with me quietly sitting on my bed and no one else in the room.
i wanted to nurse him until he was at least 10 months old.
we have sort of done it.

Monday, September 24, 2012

my new kitchen scent

my kitchen has a new scent.
want to guess what it is?
nope, not stinky diapers.
nope, not smelly shoes or socks.
give up?

bo christian broke a vat of bacon grease.
so disgusting.
i took a picture while trying to figure out the best method to clean the mess.

i know what you are thinking.
i don't have cabinet locks for a reason.
all of my babies have been uber smart and have always figured those things out before i have.
i expect bo christian to be just as intelligent.

i think the more important question is:  husband, why do we have all those vats of bacon grease?
those applesauce jars are full of old, nasty bacon grease.

i cleaned bacon grease off the floor numerous times yesterday.
it is underneath the cabinets and keeps oozing out.
so gross.
if you are looking for a new scent for your kitchen, i can hook you up.
i'm giving away free vats of bacon grease.
since a baby covered in bacon grease and shards of glass is not a good idea, the baby vat-breaker is not included.