Saturday, May 17, 2014

just like me right now...totally random

this picture gives so many glimpses into my life lately.
and it is only the backside of 3.75 of my boys.

it was chilly this morning.
bo christian did not have any clean jeans.
i can not find his light jacket.
so, i dug out of the donate pile one of connor's old sweatshirts.
it is only 3 sizes too large.
the boys thought he looked like a gangsta and convinced him to wear the hood over his head.
i did not have the energy to do anything about it.
dirty laundry, can't find anything which means my house is a mess and boys doing whatever they want.

we still have to eat, so we went to sam's to buy groceries.
and we were all happy and i didn't yell.

i'm exhausted.
this girl that requires lots of sleep and is an excellent napper has something called
pregnancy insomnia.
i don't do no sleep.
if i am tired, i am not a nice person.
every bit of the patience and brain power i do have leaves my body.
i am short with the boys and nag them.
which means they are short with each other and they start fighting.
and then i start yelling.
it just gets out of control and it is all my fault...
(i do keep telling myself that at least i'm not nauseous anymore.)

being the granola person that i am, who refuses to take almost any medicine, i tried this:
for 3 nights now it has worked!
i just used regular table sugar and sea salt.
i put 1/4 tsp under my tongue and i will drift right back off.
this may be one of easiest and strangest things i've ever tried.
i've gotta start keeping track of the nice comments i get about our family.
my skin is not that thick and i really do get my feelings hurt when people say ugly things or ask rude questions.

today in sam's 2 ladies stopped and asked if all the boys were mine blah, blah, blah.
(these conversations always go the same way.)
the difference was the whole time they were smiling.
as they walked away, they told me how blessed i was.
i about fell over.  i've heard that just a few times in my life.

after i checked out and i headed over to the food court, they stopped me again.
they wanted to let me know how well behaved the boys were.
i was so surprised that they were talking about those 4 boys over there lounging on the outdoor furniture and that 2 year old who was running around turning every knob on each grill.
of course i couldn't get any of the right words out.
i wish i would have thanked them and
let them know how encouraging their simple words were.
especially after the way i have felt lately.