Friday, May 10, 2013

according to the husband...

i thought i'd let you know
that the way i write on this blog is the way i think inside my head.
but, it is not always the way words come out of my mouth.
according to the husband,
leigh anne tuohy (sandra bullock) in the movie the blind side and i have a lot in common.
i'm thinking that must be a good thing.
especially since she went way out of her comfort zone to help michael.
you can go here to see leigh anne in action.
(this movie is why i had to go with the ravens in the super bowl.)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


this is me today.


sitting at the computer.
loving:  a poem husband wrote for me saturday.
my brain was a jumbled mess, so i sat down with a piece of paper and a pen to sort it all out.
he stole my paper and pen and started writing about me.
the more he wrote, the more i laughed at myself.
he's such a good man.

reading:  duggars-
a love that multiplies.
i didn't even know they had a new book out.
they seem to be good people.
and not just because they have a large family.

years ago my family was on their tv show.
we didn't have cable at the time, so we've never even seen the episode.
anyways, we happened to be in a grocery store at the same time as them and their camera crew.
a camera man asked me a question and i responded something about children being a blessing.
meanwhile, my boys were behind me hitting each other with boxes.
that is when the camera zoomed in on them.
and that was the one time we were on national tv.
not impressive, but very real.
waiting for:  nothing really.
it is easy right now.
everything has slowed down and i am enjoying the calmness.
currently these 2 are becoming good friends.
bo christian filled the dump truck with dog food.
excited about:  3 more weeks until school is out!
no more homework or spelling words.
my boys will be home all day every day!
trying to:  get motivated to finish a skirt for a friend.
i am nervous about messing up her fabric.
next, i will need to make a couple of jon jons for bo christian.
enjoying:  our family walks after supper.
we call them a family walk, but we never stay together.
husband pushes bo christian in the stroller while we talk about our day and say hello to our neighbors.
the big boys are usually at least on the same street as us, but they stop to play with friends along the way.
it is a nice way to end our days.

currently these are all the rage at our house.
doesn't this picture make my backyard look beautiful!?!
really our backyard looks like the other picture above-
very loved in a different way.
planning:  for summer break.
i need to order these.
and make a summer chore chart and a loose schedule.
wanting:  a seat for bo christian to go on the back of my bike.
he's finally old enough so we can go on family bike rides.
we could also ride to a farmer's market close by.
or the grocery.
my mountain bike will look confused...
a baby seat on the back with a basket on the front and never going off road.

what is going on in your life currently?

Sunday, May 5, 2013

caden and a record

so, caden is officially 12.
(and birthday season is officially over too!)
caden asks the best questions
and makes me think really hard.
i love him for it.
he received the only gift he wanted:
a hatchet.
he says that a hatchet is a very useful tool.
i don't even pretend to understand.
he also got a slingshot from a friend.
i will just say that his aim is getting pretty good.
he and daniel boone would have definitely been great friends.
the night of his birthday it started snowing.
that was the first time it had ever snowed in our state in the month of may.
we woke up to this:
caden was excited that a record was set on his birthday.
it was strange seeing green grass under the white snow.
but, this week we will be back to warm temperatures
and playing in our tub of water.