Friday, August 17, 2012

happy things

1.  us

i like our feet.

pretend the concrete is white sand, the asphalt is the ocean, the street light is the setting sun.

husband, one day we will have our dream.

in real life we were on the driveway playing with the camera flash while the boys rode their bikes and bo christian was in his walker.

2.  we went on a date.  on a motorcycle date. 
before you get any crazy ideas there was no black leather, tattoos or bars involved - not that there is anything wrong with those things, they are just not my style.  but, there was converse, ball caps and pink fleece.

first of all, it was COLD outside.  like under 70' cold.  i even had to drink hot water with my dinner.  btw - want to confuse a waiter/waitress?  just try to order hot water in a mug.  dare you.

we did the most fun thing.  something i've been scared to do.  something that husband does all the time, but never tells me.  it is that scary.
ready for it?

we rode the motorcycle on the interstate.

it was out of necessity.  the sitter called.  bo christian missed us.  it was an emergency - but not really.  i thought we had to get home fast, so husband took us on the interstate.

and the whole time i was thinking "why was i so scared of this?"
yep, not that scary.

3.  i *love* everything about this picture.

these 3 crammed into a tiny closet.
caden and bronson built legos in there most of the morning.
they gave bo-bo his button (passy) so that he wouldn't eat any legos.
then they gave him a boomerang to play with.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

ramblings from this past week

i read a novel.  i really like to read a good novel, but i won't let myself often.  this one had been on my nightstand for weeks.  see, i have a problem.  when i start a good novel, i can not put it down.  it is like asking me to turn the tv off in the middle of a really good movie.  when i do put it down to do what i have to do - like, change a diaper or feed my boys or converse with husband - i am grouchy.  all i can think about is getting back to my book. 

this time my house was as clean as it gets and my laundry was all caught up so, i thought i would indulge myself.

it did not disappoint.  all 465 pages were good.  i was living life in the 1890s with a rich heiress.  i can never get over all the social rules those people followed.  i would never ever survive.

which leads me to...
a few weeks ago bo christian and i were having some nursing issues.  we went to our family doctor.  he fixed both of us and fast forward to this past week.

i took bo christian in to get his ears checked.  dr.o asked how my breasts were doing. 

that sounded all wrong to me.  like offensively wrong.  and gross.

see it goes like this.

breasts - old church ladies have these - NOT me
boobs - hooters girls have these - NOT me
boobies - this is me

so my reply went like this:  you mean my boobies?

dr.o started laughing and struggled to get out:  well, the professional term is breasts.

me:  well, i have boobies and they are great.  thanks.

it wasn't until i was in the car and i called husband to tell him about the conversation that i got it.  it was funny.  like really funny.  dr.o had good reason to laugh.  i have been laughing at myself ever since.

in the past i would've been embarrassed, but not long ago i read jeremiah 1:5.
"before i formed you in the womb i knew you..."
God knew me and all i was about and he still chose to make me.  he knew i would say the wrong things and he still loves me.

btw - i adore dr.o.  he is a rare combination of smart, hilarious, easy to understand, caring.  just a wonderful doctor.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

connor lost a tooth

after connor brushed his teeth one night he came downstairs crying.  "dad, i need to go into your bathroom."

that was not going to happen.

the baby had been unusually fussy and he was finally asleep.  he sleeps in our room.

husband asked why and connor sobs, "i need my dirty shorts."

for sure not going to happen.  especially for dirty shorts.

while i turned around to laugh, husband calmly asked why he needed those dirty shorts.  connor started crying even harder, "they have my tooth in them."

oh.  it was going to happen.
connor went into our bathroom and got the tooth out of his dirty shorts.  he came out with a huge smile on his face.

he asked for help writing a note to the tooth fairy.

it says:  please give me more than a $100.99
(look at that cute little tooth in the bag)

he wanted to write "please give me more than a hundred dollar buck".  it was too close to my bedtime to patiently spell out hundred and dollar and buck.

the tooth fairy left him this:

when he first woke up the next morning he was really excited.

then he told me it was just a "printed sheet".  when i questioned him he pointed out that the back was just white paper.  he said he didn't think it was real money.  he left it laying on the counter.

during breakfast he got up and took his hundred dollar buck off of the counter and studied it more.  then he said something about daddy made it on the computer because it is just a picture of a real dollar.  he was sure i didn't do it because i wasn't as smart as daddy.

how in the world can he figure all of that out, but not the obvious?


Monday, August 13, 2012

to my husband

dear husband,

thank you for buying me the cake stand.  i really do like it.  you know i've wanted one for years.

i thought i would use it today.  i made a cake.

remember when i said that this fall i was going to master making cakes? i really did not think it could be that hard. i mean after all, i can make cookies, homemade bread, brownies, and a bunch of other yummy baked goods.

look at what i made. i know it is ugly. but the boys did say it tasted good. well, except bronson. he said it would be better if the cake was crunchy.  whatever.  i don't think his opinion counts.

anyways, notice anything?


i know i didn't put icing on the sides.

notice anything else?


i didn't know how to ice the sides because the bottom cake is square and the top cake is circular. i can only find one of my cake pans. where is the other one?

i almost sat down and cried in the kitchen floor, but instead i laughed.  like really hard.  how can making a cake be so hard for me?  i don't think i am ready to give up yet. 

ready to eat some ugly cake?



Sunday, August 12, 2012

standing up

today bo christian stood up in his crib by himself.

i know that most babies will pull themselves up.
i am thankful that bo christian is able to.

but, what i want to remember is the big boys reaction
and bo christian's giggle.

my first reaction was to take a picture with my phone to send husband since he wasn't here.

it was one of the big boys that insisted that i use the real camera.

i should have snapped a picture of the big boys lined up in front of the crib cheering him on.  they were so excited for bo christian! 

i should have recorded all their happy cheers and the baby's laughter. i don't know if he was happy to be standing or happy to get all the attention.

i am so blessed to be their mother.