Thursday, October 18, 2012

my day

do you ever wonder what you've spent your whole day doing?
me too.
i decided to keep track of what i did for a day.
bauer was holding bo christian while i got "dressed" to take the big boys to school.
the other boys were discussing mittens that were found at our house.
here we were making enchiladas for supper.
i had already got the laundry going, picked up the house and made my bed.
and no, i'm not nekkid fixin' our suppers.
i do have on a tank top.
and pants.
and a blankie as a scarf.
i usually start supper in the morning.
it is necessary for my sanity in the evening.
while bo christian took his 2 hour morning nap, i:
got a shower,
finished cleaning the kitchen,
got on the computer
cleaned the bathrooms.
when the baby woke up we ate lunch and immediately left for errands.
we went to 2 different grocery stores to compare prices.
i felt like a dork.
i had my chart and pen.
husband did offer to set something up on the ipad.
he said i could just enter the prices directly into the ipad.
i said no.
i didn't want to look like a nerdy dork.
plain dork is good with me.
bo christian fell asleep on the way home.
i put him in his bed and dropped onto the couch at 3:14.
my eyes kept crossing because i was tired.
i had exactly 18 minutes of quiet before my house became alive.
that is when i feel like i begin round 2.
i really do like it.
for real.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

trumpet practice

bauer is getting really good at his trumpet.
i'm proud of him.
he was practicing in the backyard while i made dinner.
bo christian sang and squealed along.
when i looked out the kitchen window to check on them, this is what i saw:

in the field behind our house, the cows had come to listen!

Monday, October 15, 2012

sunday afternoon

we had the perfect lazy sunday afternoon.
football was on the tv.
it wasn't nearly as peaceful as it looks.
there was lots of yelling and pillow fights during commercial breaks.

see that empty spot on the couch?
that's mine.
i lay there and read and sleep.
connor fell asleep too.
exhausted from trying to keep up with his brothers all weekend.
i like his rubber band bracelets.
they come in very handy for a 7 year old boy.
i made double chocolate chunk cookies too.
they are my new favorite.
they are thick and chocolatey and so yummy.
you've got to make them if you like chocolate!
go here for the recipe.
just make sure you use milk chocolate chips instead of semi-sweet.