Saturday, April 26, 2014

the pigs

meet charlie and stanley:

the easter bunny left 2 guinea pigs.
they were quickly named joey and charlie and very loved.
i must say, they were very cute together.
i've even held charlie once.

(don't let me get started on the easter bunny...
we wish we would've never started with these fictitious gift givers.
i can see them quickly being phased out of our family with the age gap we have.)

sadly, to some, joey died a few days later.
he was delicately wrapped in paper bags and thrown in the freezer,
on top of all my beef.

the frozen pig was returned and the boys took the last remaining pig at the store - 
stanley, the huge scary looking albino.

of course stanley is very loved now too.
the boys have grown to 'adore' his uniqueness.
these pigs have had tunnels made for them in the backyard.
they've explored most of the neighborhood.
and they are carried around the house wrapped in towels.
my boys know how to treat their animals real good.