Friday, February 1, 2013

i'm pondering...

when did it become the norm to not have time to pray as a family?
and i don't mean mealtime and bedtime prayers.
i mean sit down and pray the rosary as a family...
or a devotion...
or read the Bible together...

one of my daily prayers is that my boys will grow up to love and serve God.
i have no idea what that will look like for each of them.
that is between them and God.

just throw a little brother over your back upside down and race.

remember the parable of the sower and the seeds...
i want my boys to grow in rich soil and produce a lot of fruit.
and i pray husband and i are producing a little fruit for God too.

i don't have any answers for our family, but i do know some things:

to be able to pray together we can't be going every night.

confession and adoration are that important.

when Jesus was teaching his disciples they stayed with him,
they didn't go to a religious education class.
our boys are going to learn the most from husband and me.
now that puts some pressure on!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

happy things

it is grey here.
or is it gray?  i never know.
it seems like it has been grey for weeks.
i miss the sun.
and of course the hot too.
it makes me want to paint all my walls sun burnt orange.
i should focus on happier things.
1.  my short bright nails.
they scream happy to me!

 2.  my house slippers.
they are grey, but so pretty.
and doesn't slippers make them sound even prettier?!

3.  this rocker!

i bought a rocker when i was pregnant with bronson.
huge mistake.
don't ever buy furniture when you are big pregnant.
it was the most uncomfortable thing ever.
it always sat in the corner never used.
i rocked bronson and connor in it and was uncomfortable every time.
i finally found a real rocker.
we love it!
4.  weight watchers.

that's is my points plus tracker.
i can't keep the last few bo christian pounds off.
 i have totally forgotten about portion sizes.
good bye tablespoons of mayo. you really aren't worth that many points.
hello reduced fat pepper jack cheese.  you are doing some yummy things to my sandwiches.

happy day to each of you!

Monday, January 28, 2013

playing house

during the day sometimes i feel like i am playing house.
like my life can't possibly be mine.
my husband is off working a job he really enjoys.
my 4 big boys are all safely tucked in their schools learning.
and it is just me and my bo christian at home.
i putter around cleaning up while he plays.
we read books and sing.
we might run an errand or meet husband for lunch.
us playing with the phone and camera.
a couple of years ago during a very stressful season
a friend asked me what i wished my next year to look like.
just dreaming i said:
for my boys to be in good schools and me to be at home with another baby.
i prayed a lot during that stressful time.
God has blessed me with more than i wished for.
this is so much better than anything i could have dreamed up.
i can now say that i am thankful for that stressful time.
my family would not be where we are today if it wasn't for those trials.
God is good all the time.