Tuesday, April 16, 2013

a fireman's son

some babies sleep with teddy bears,
but not a fireman's son.

Monday, April 15, 2013

braces faces

 they both got braces.

i teared up.
and not just because they are getting older.
but, because we can afford these little pieces of metal.
they are just a luxury item in my book.
braces won't help my boys get to heaven
and they are not a need, just an expensive want.

but, also because the husband and I decided to spend money on them.
money that we could have easily spent on other things.
somehow, us having metal put in our boys' mouths makes me feel very grown up.
that is a good feeling.
i am counting.
2 boys down.
3 more to go.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

a spring favorite

today is one of the best!
it's sunny and warm outside and we don't have anything to do.
denim and linen make the perfect spring outfit for me.
and this is one of my very favorite skirts.
great weather, a favorite skirt, a day with my man and boys-
what more could a girl ask for!?!

of course a yummy dessert will make it better.
every sunday we have this tradition where we take turns deciding what dessert we will make.
today is caden's day to choose.
some how i agreed to making 2 coconut cream pies.
why we need 2 pies, i really do not know.
 but, yes, we will eat every single bite of both.

of course i am linking up with fine linen and purple.

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