Thursday, October 11, 2012

brother love

connor and i were holding hands walking through the grocery to pick out a red pepper.
connor loves red peppers.
i was enjoying myself.  for real.
then, out of no where connor said, "i can't wait until we get another baby brother."
at first i was shocked.
and a bit surprised.
as we walked in silence i got it---

he loves bo christian so much that he wants another brother.
he wants another brother even though bo christian messes up his lego creations.
even though bo christian turns off the xbox when he is playing it.
and even though bo christian has taken away a lot of the attention he used to get.

i love connor's face and bo christian's determination.
after baby #5 i am just starting to learn how another baby does bring more love to a family.
and no, i don't think connor realizes that there is a tiny chance he could get a sister.
and double no, i am not pregnant.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

this morning.

i like to keep things positive around here.
but i also want to be real.
this is our "real" so far today:
we are all exhausted.
all these sports are starting to get to us.
we need some down time.
but still...
bo christian was up 3 times last night.
he wasn't hungry - he was uncomfortable.
he has 3 teeth coming in.  he already has 4.
why does he need 7 teeth?  it isn't like we are eating steak around here.
husband let me sleep late while he made breakfast.
that made him very late for work.
like 15 minutes late.
that makes me feel guilty.
and then there was something about a boy needs his own drawer for his toothbrush.  what???
when you share a bathroom with 3 other brothers, i don't think you get your own drawer.
a toothbrush was hidden behind a trash can.
a brother ended up in the bath tub with his clothes on.
and then lots of yelling from all of us.
isn't that a great way for a mom to send her boys off to school?
tonight we are going to bed early.
well, as early as we can after the soccer game.
and tomorrow morning we will try again.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

it's the fall y'all

fall is here.
or coming.
i don't keep up with the date.
i do not like fall.
it only means one thing to me:  winter is coming.
i don't like the cold.
i like it hot!
i know husband is tired of hearing me complain about the cold already.
so, i decided i would try to focus on the positive.
here is what i came up with:
baking:  i like to bake and i don't bake much in the summer.  i'm like an old lady that doesn't want to heat the house up by using the oven.  i bake lots lots in the fall and winter.
hot showers:  i do like a hot shower and they are only good in the fall and winter.  see, i like hot.

football:  i like to listen to husband and the boys watch football.
our fire pit:  i like sitting around the fire with husband and the boys.  i like the smores too.

halloween:  not the most important holiday, but my favorite one.  what does that say about me???
and that is the end of my big list.

Monday, October 8, 2012


bo christian is almost walking.
he is 10 months old.
bauer started walking the last week that he was 9 months old.
i can't remember when caden started walking, but he could crawl faster than bauer could run.  we used to race them.
bronson didn't walk until he was 14 months old.  he was my only baby that rolled to move around.
when connor was 11 months old, we had him walk to us to if he was ready to "walk".  he started walking that night.  he didn't ever cruise around...from what i can remember.