Thursday, May 16, 2013

my mother's day this year

i was reading my blog and noticed my mother's days have changed.
when i wrote this post the saturday night before,
this is what I was thinking -
i realized i was never going to have a hallmark mother's day.
no sleeping in, no perfect children at mass, no perfect afternoon.
on sunday, i did sleep in.
husband got up with the baby and made pancakes.
by the time i rolled out of bed at 9am, all the boys had eaten.
husband sat down with me and we ate our pancakes together.
he is that good.
i vividly remember telling husband i thought the boys were very well behaved during mass saturday night.
the big boys were not poking each other or aggravating bo christian.
(not that my boys would ever do that)
bo christian was quiet and didn't throw anything.
as far as the perfect afternoon...
i took a nap.
yes, i require lots of sleep.
i called my mother and we had a nice long conversation.
i would have to say that was a perfect afternoon.
i don't even remember anyone being upset.
well, besides me, because...
why do boys have to tear everything up?
i was the only one who wasn't pleasant to be around.
so, yeah, my mother's days have changed. 
sadly, i've never slowed down enough to notice what is in front of me.
at the skate park for a picnic.
we didn't get a picture of bronson or bo christian.
another bad mom moment.
now there is one thing i did not get wrong:
i am grateful that i get to be the mother of my boys!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

a bike ride

me laying in the grass with my buddy
because my bottom hurt and my legs felt like noodles.
i rode 9 hilly miles with bo christian on the back.
while riding we were passing snacks, a water bottle and a passy back and forth.
we also stopped at a park so bo could play and i chased him around with my noodle legs.
those tour de france boys don't have anything on me!
i'm making fun of myself because really, only 9 miles??
 but, i am proud.
this is something i've wanted to do for a while.
i accomplished it!
and that satisfaction is something that i can't buy.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

mother's day

yes, a picture of a picture.
it was mother's day 2004.
bauer, caden and me sitting on the curb.
i can remember husband had just finished mowing the yard, bronson was taking a nap,
and connor was in my uterus.
next to these pictures in the photo album, i wrote:
that day caden choked on a dime.
bauer pulled husband's truck out of gear and it hit the lawn mower that bronson was holding onto.
i tried to mow the yard to "escape" and caden threw a fit because it was daddy's grass.
oh yeah, earlier that day husband took all of us to a baseball game during naptime.
i don't even like baseball.
we stayed about 30 minutes - the boys were bored.
at least husband was thinking of me:)
bauer must have found some mud that day.
my boys lived in their "mud boots".
that was the year mother's day changed for me.
i realized i was never going to have a hallmark mother's day.
no sleeping in, no perfect children at mass, no perfect afternoon.
since then mother's day is the day that i am thankful i get to be a mother.
i expect to mother all day long and nothing else.
i have not been disappointed since.
today we are going to the park for a picnic and to let the big boys play at the skate park.
 that is perfect for this mom of boys.
i am so grateful i get to be their mother.
and happy mother's day to you mom!