Friday, March 8, 2013


you know in the spring, that first day that feels so perfect?
yesterday was that day for me.
i look forward to that first warm and sunny day all winter long.
nothing special even happened - i did all my regular chores.
but, all day long my heart was singing.
i cracked the kitchen window.
the fresh air smelled so good.
i washed my bed sheets and hung them out on the line to dry.
i couldn't wait to get into bed last night with those fresh sheets.
i went for a run.
you might say i was just pounding pavement and sucking wind, but it felt so invigorating.
i've missed the sweaty, aching muscle feeling.
my view for some of my run.
after school, we even walked the long way home to visit the goats and chickens.
i often wonder if i could live somewhere that there wasn't seasons.
just warm all the time.
would i appreciate it?
i really think i would.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

stitches and scrapes

they have been teased at school for trying to look alike.
first, let's look at this brown-eyed boy:
a very loving brother threw a chunk of ice at him.
yes, nasty ice from your backyard can cut your skin open.
caden got 2 stitches.
unfortunately, i guess this is the year for stitches.
then, my other brown-eyed boy went to school on monday and came home looking like this:
his buddy threw a chunk of concrete and bauer was in the way.
oh how i love my life with boys.
they are still just as charming and handsome as ever.