Friday, February 22, 2013

quick takes

i am going to link up again.

1.  teaching a baby brother how to suck in a spaghetti noodle.

i just can't imagine how wonderful it would be to have older siblings.
i have heard that one of the best gifts you can give a child is a sibling.
i couldn't agree more.
2.  i might make too many lists...
caden asked one night if i would put on my list:
 remind caden to cut his nails
and bronson left this on the refrigerator for me one morning-
-all because of #3.
3.  this week i finally did one of the most horrible mom things.
i was late to pick bronson and connor up from school.
like 10 minutes late.
and get this - it is because i got busy reading a prayer book!
4.  every couple of years i clean junk out of my house.
it has started again.
i took a big garbage bag into my closet and this is all that is left.
now that feels better.
i can breathe in there again.
next i am going to attack that closet under the stairs.

5.  i now have 2 real gray hairs.
they are wild and beautiful.
i love gray hair.  i've waited a long time for their arrival.

6.  i bleached our towels this week and that is a very happy thing to me.

 i know bleach is horrible for us and the environment.
but i just can't stop.
besides, it always reminds me of going to confession and my soul getting all white and pure again.

7.  my most beautiful moment this week:
bo christian has a cold.
that is not beautiful.  it is a nasty mucous mess.
but, he let me rock him to sleep.
he has not let me do that since he was just a few months old.
our house was dark while it was raining and sleeting outside.
just the old fashioned radio was on.
it was so peaceful.
his beautiful baby body was limp in my arms.
i am so thankful i have the time to do that.
have a great weekend! 
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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

an excellent read

one of my very most favorite blogs is
she's one of the most inspiring mothers i've come across.
go here to read a letter she wrote today.
if only this was the most difficult thing my boy will ever face in his life:

Monday, February 18, 2013


from the looks of this blog lately, all we do around here is eat...

we have not had a microwave for like 5 years.
ours broke and it never seemed worth the money to get another one.
the only time i have missed it is when i'm hungry for popcorn.
so, my awesome husband has figured out how to make popcorn on the stove.
my baby really doesn't have devil eyes - he has the most beautiful blue eyes.
when husband gets in the kitchen after dinner and gets his pot out,
bo christian comes running and saying 'pop pop'.
a serious popcorn conversation.
husband can make salty (my favorite), a sweet kind,
and this past week he made caramel corn for the first time.
now that stuff is good!
shoveling it in...
 not long ago connor told us his teacher made popcorn at school using a food heater.
he was very surprised a food heater (microwave) could do that.
when i was a kid and my parents were remodeling the kitchen,
my sister and i were amazed that mom could make popcorn on the stove.
now, doesn't all that seem backwards???