Friday, August 10, 2012

happy things

1.  done.


this week i have bought, labeled and packed school supplies.
i have cleaned out bedroom closets and drawers.
everything is organized and ready to go for the first day of school.

it feels so good!

one more week until school begins.
only 4 more multiplication facts to learn.


2.  the baby makes all of us smile.

the big boys call this his clubhouse.

he climbs all around under there playing quietly.  he will flop out and then crawl right back in.  except he doesn't crawl.  he army crawls.

i think this must be his happy place.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

you know you have a lot of boys when...

you receive an e-mail:

i will be your son's soccer coach.  blah, blah, blah.
practice will be blah, blah, blah.

then you call the coach to say:

can you please tell me which one of my boys is on your team?


looking at a picture of a picture of a friend's sweet baby girl
a boy says, "what's that on her head?"
i told him to point to what he was seeing.
"oh, that is her hair bow."

the boy says, "what does that do?"


husband and connor watching the olympics acting like they can't see me.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

we took a road trip

i went to anthropologie for the first time.  oh my!  i saw so many beautiful things.  

a telephone booth that still works.  the boys were intrigued.  for 50 cents you could place a local call.  too bad we didn't know anyone to call.

we went to the most obnoxious pizza place.  it was not anything husband and i would normally take the boys to.  i only want to remember how much fun the big boys had playing laser tag, bumper cars and arcade games.

we swam for hours in the hotel pool.  some serious racing took place.  husband and bronson against bauer and caden.  hilarious to watch!

my favorite thing was going to mass in a grand cathedral.  we sat on old ornate pews.  everything was just beautiful!  during the homily, bauer leaned over and whispered, "can i get my ipod and take pictures when this is over?"  yes, it was that impressive.

bronson lighting a candle

we also went to the aquarium.

this was bo christian the entire time we were at the aquarium:
so sweet!

it was an enjoyable trip.  easy and not stressful.  the baby was great and we all had fun.  just perfect!

Monday, August 6, 2012


this is my oldest boy, bauer.
handsome isn't he!  he's an awesome boy!


i took him to the doctor for a sports related injury. is he really old enough for one of those??

anyways, the nurse told us that he has grown 1 inch in the last 5 months.
she said he was getting ready to go through a growth spurt??!!??

i sort of think he has already.

here we are side by side. someone told me that boys grow the most during their 7th grade year. bauer starts 7th grade this year. i'm anxious to see how much he changes.

bronson, thank you for your fantastic photography skills.