Thursday, May 30, 2013

brother love

there are so many things about this picture that makes me smile.
*the band director suggested caden play the trombone next year.
however, caden wanted to play the trumpet since that is what bauer plays.
*both trumpets are used, and we didn't see either one before we received them.
they are the exact same trumpet and both are in excellent condition.
i really don't like it when one boy has something of better quality than the other.
so that little fact makes me feel all better inside my mom brain.
*in this picture bauer is teaching caden how to oil the valves.
bauer has also been teaching him to play.
as caden said last night, he now knows how to play a whole little tune.
*they had given bo christian a mouthpiece to slobber and spit all over.
that was extremely generous of them.
yesterday there was playing and dancing:
i wish i noticed all the loving things my boys do.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


yesterday was the last day of school, so i guess that means summer is officially here.
from the looks of connor's school pencils, it is time.
how did he write with those?
anytime there is a change in our routine, i feel like i get a job transfer.
i'm still the mom and house keeper, but now i have more bodies to keep track of and tummies to keep full all day.
in a couple of days i will have our new normal figured out.
this morning we went to the library and got a nice stack of books.
i am glad we will be spending all our days together now.
i just wish he could join us every day.

Monday, May 27, 2013

a tranquil life

last fall all 4 of our big boys were playing a sport.
that was the first time they had all played something at the same time.
i wrote about it here, and here, and here.
there were parts i really enjoyed.
but, i also knew that our lives were revolving around the activities.
there was not a lot of family time and we were all exhausted.
i also started pondering how we made time for the activities, but then we didn't have much time left over for God.
that felt wrong to me.

this spring my boys have done nothing.
not one activity.
and we have loved it.
we have taken time to read the Bible together as a family.
we've prayed "cheater" rosaries - just a short version a friend made up.
we have spent lots of time together.
(the boys have not complained once.) 
we've had time to stick straight pins in our hands.
the "world" has hinted that i am doing my boys a disservice.
i started praying some more about our choices.
the boys have even climbed mountains made from dirt.
last week God showed me a verse:
and to aspire to live a tranquil life...
1 thessalonians 4:11 defines tranquil as-
free from commotion or tumult; peaceful; quiet; calm
now, we still have commotion in our home.
it isn't anything near peaceful or quiet or calm.
but, for us, in this season of life we are in, it does feel tranquil.
we made a late night sonic run where someone was introduced to a chocolate shake.
may is the month to sign up for fall sports.
it looks like we've decided-
bauer is going to continue to do crossfit with the husband.
caden is going to play football again.
bronson doesn't want to do anything.
connor is going to a football camp this summer since he's too young to play.
i suppose bo christian will continue to work on his gross motor skills around the house.
right now, that feels very tranquil for us.