Friday, March 1, 2013

quick takes

it's quick takes again.

1.  as i am typing this, bo christian is drinking a glass of milk
and eating chocolate covered pretzels.

he's never liked milk before, so this is a first.
with chocolate and milk this early on a friday, i can tell it is going to be a great weekend!

2.  bauer came home from school one day this week wearing these:

yes, he sounds that good on his trumpet.
and no, he didn't want his picture taken.

3.  i have green weeds in my yard that i am thrilled to see.
i know it is a promise from God that it will get warm again.
how i wish that warm would hurry!
there is no picture for this.
no way i'm going out in 30' weather to take a picture of a weed!

4.  my hardest laugh this week:
when i saw uncle si's new dog for the first time.
if you don't watch duck dynasty, i just don't know what to say...

5.  i always wondered how much food we would eat as our boys got older.
they are 12, 11 ,9, 8 and 1 year old.
for breakfast we eat about:

5 lbs of oats a month

eggs - i offer eggs every morning.
i can't even keep track of how many we eat.
if i am scrambling them, 11 eggs.
at the minimum i am frying 4 eggs every morning.
husband buys them from a guy at the station.
he usually brings home 8 dozen at a time.  he probably does that every other week.

pancakes - i make 3 batches at a time.

6.  husband has been gone again.
he says this was the last time he's taking a 2 week far away class.
i do not believe him.  he is like a 'take-a-class addict'.
he is coming home tonight.  that will most definitely be the best part of my day.
the worst part of my day will be when i get into bed, and he puts his cold feet on me.
but, it will totally be worth it!

7.  it really is going to be a good weekend.
i am getting my hair trimmed.  is it really a trim if i only go every 3 months?
anyways, i'll get my hair washed,
the tension in my shoulders is going to leave my body,
and i am going to eat a meal with out touching the baby.

hope your weekend is as great as mine is going to be! 
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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

bo dookie

the big boys gave bo christian a new nickname:
bo dookie.
i'm not sure what it means, but it totally fits him.

when he's not driving us crazy with his awesome climbing skills and never ending curosity,
he is so adorable.

well, he is now 15 months old.
he doesn't nurse or take a bottle anymore.
and he's decided to start sleeping all night.
with the blink of an eye, just like his brothers did,
without even asking me
he has turned into a toddler.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

ramblings from the weekend

raising my boys...
it is not something that i do on the fly.
it's an enormous responsibility and i feel so inadequate most of the time.
i try to be in constant prayer for us, so that i will make the right decisions.
sometimes it would be so much easier to just let my boys do whatever everyone else is doing.
and this is just middle school!
at times it all feels so heavy.  and hard.
(and it might just have something to do with me thinking too much)
but then i see my boys loving other people in their own ways.
it is then, when i see Jesus' love pouring out of them, that it makes the hard times so worth it.
i really don't know, but their faces!
a few things i have learned so far:
*my boys will talk to me. a lot.
but it will probably not be at a convenient time.
*no reaction is the best reaction.
*i do not have to give an immediate answer.
it is acceptable to say-
i don't know right now. i need to pray and talk to daddy about it.
*it is important to figure out where they are coming from.
i want to understand them. they are interesting.
on sunday i took the boys to mass by myself.
the lady behind us said, "bet today you're glad you only have 5 boys instead of 6."
i just smiled.
if she only knew.
i do wish i had 6 boys.
my life is so good.