Friday, September 7, 2012


caden started middle school this year.
he *loves* it!
he has all of bauer's teachers from last year.
he got the best.
did i say that he really, really likes it?
he likes it for lots of different reasons.
you don't have to walk in a line down the hall.
all the different choices for lunch.
he gets to ride the bus home.
he likes changing classes.
another reason he likes middle school is because he doesn't have to carry a backpack.
he has gotten so creative with this one.

this is where he carries his gym clothes.
bet that homework is going to smell really nice.

and, yes, he folded them.
i'm proud of that.
and this is a form i needed to sign.
you should know that he does his own laundry.
i'm proud of that too.
he put this form in his shorts pocket at school.
washed and dried his shorts.
then remembered to bring me the form to sign...
i love him.
don't you always take pictures of your kids with pizza hanging out of their mouths?
it was the only time i could catch him still.
and, no, he doesn't care that i posted it for y'all to see.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

at the fire station

at the fire station for the last time.
husband is switching divisions.
it is for a job he has wanted for a while.
way to go husband!
so many emotions.
so many changes.
so excited for new beginnings!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

hard questions

it happened again.
i got asked one of those hard questions.

questions like:
are you going to have more children.
are you done yet.
are you going to try for a girl.
and my personal favorite - do you know what causes that.
first, when someone asks do you know what causes that i always respond:
yes and we like it.
i wish i had the nerve to add
so why don't you have more.
i prefer this question because it is the only one i can honestly answer.
and maybe because i like to see the other person's face expression after my reply.

i would love to be able to answer these random people that do not know me.
i would like to know the answers myself.

see, we don't know if we will have more children.
it is not up to us.
5 boys is so great.
but 1 more baby would be great too.

yes, i would like to be done.
i don't like being pregnant.
i don't like my body changing all the time and never being able to wear the same clothes.
i don't like morning sickness, bed rest or preterm labor.
i don't like the lack of sleep that comes with a newborn.
but, all my reasons for wanting to be done are totally selfish.  and they are all totally worth having another little baby.

are you going to try for a girl.
obviously i don't know how to do that.
but, i like little girls.
really, i adore little girls.
but, i don't want a daughter at the expense of not having one of my boys.
i also don't want a girl.
i don't want a little girl because it will break my heart every time someone says
are you done now that you got your girl.
i can not even put into words how those words would hurt.

but, yes, i do want another baby.
i'd like to see a bit of husband, a bit of me and a bunch of God all mixed up again.
each one of my boys brings me closer to God.
i love watching husband with our babies.
each baby just adds more everything to our family.
and that is why we will just leave it up to God.

Monday, September 3, 2012

labor day 2012

today is going to be a great day!
husband does not have to labor today.
well, not at his job.
and today the boys get to shoot off fireworks.
see these 2 sacks...
we have had them since july 2011.
that year we went to the beach for july 4th.
like any good american redneck, we took fireworks with us.
but we never found a place to shoot them off.
that year i learned a very important lesson as the mother of boys:
fourth of july is not complete if they can not shoot off their own fireworks.
it didn't even matter that we got to watch fireworks shot over the ocean.
(secretly i loved it)
this year on july 4th there was a burn ban.
no fireworks again.
and very upset boys.
the burn ban has finally been lifted.
tonight is the night.
we are beyond excited!