Thursday, May 22, 2014

my glasses and bump

i was never excited about my boys growing up.
i noticed that mothers of teenagers never had anything nice to say about them.  in fact, i have even heard mothers say not nice things about their teens in front of them!  it seemed that the moms always dismiss the unwanted behavior on the age.

well, this has not been the case for me.  at least not yet.
i enjoy my teens.  i like really like them.  i like to talk to them and sometimes i even find them very interesting.
although i must admit i do not think anything about r/c cars is interesting at all.
what i have observed is their behavior is the reflection of the people they are around.  if they are doing something really annoying, the husband or i probably do it too.

anyways we were having a conversation about contacts-
how i took care of mine, did they hurt...
at the end of the conversation, one boy asked what they were made of.
i replied plastic.
and then i freaked out.
i was putting plastic on my eyeballs every single day for all day long!
i don't even have plastic in my kitchen cabinets (besides the pyrex lids).

so, thanks to my boys who make me think, this is me in my glasses:

a 15 week bump picture too:

i feel way bigger than i look.
in fact, i didn't know i was so small until these pictures.
husband is right, i just look like i've birthed 5 kids.
and yeah, my shirt is a bit big.
it's this or regular shirts where i look like i'm rocking a nice beer gut.
i'll take the too big maternity!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

the bos

while i'm getting lunch together, 
he's just eating his apple chunks
while soaking his dirty feet
in a dirty pot.
(notice there is no water splashed out!)

just look at how long his 2 year old legs are!
his eyes are still so blue, but not as ice blue as they used to be.
he is the best little 2 year old i know.
i am so glad i get to spend my days with him.