about me

i'm a catholic girl that loves God, my handsome husband and our 5 boys. i try to keep it in that order. i am living the life i've always wanted. i get to be married to my high school sweetheart and be a mother.

i like things simple and a clean enough house. i like warm weather, white sand and blue skies with white puffy clouds. i really enjoy being outside, sewing, baking, reading and making lists. i like to go to mass as a family and sit in a row all together. and i love a good laugh.

i blog about my life. i have no desire to remember anything negative, so you won't read about that stuff here. but you should know that our life can be messy and has some ugly parts.

i do get mad at my husband. i yell at my boys. husband gets really grouchy sometimes. our big boys occasionally hit each other and have said bad words that they did not learn from us. the baby doesn't always sleep all night long. and i have continuous guilt because we never eat enough vegetables. 

thankfully we have a very forgiving God that loves us all anyways.

my goal in life is to learn to love others the way God loves me.
my family is helping me to achieve this.


fall 2012


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