Monday, July 23, 2012

i was a really good wife this time

i do not watch tv.  way too boring to me.  husband doesn't watch much tv either, but he does like football.  we have not had cable for the last few years.  and our tv well, i'm not sure they even make them like that any more. 

i know these pictures have nothing to do with the story, but they tell their own story

a few months ago husband told me we were going to get cable.  he wanted to watch football on some special station.  and i made a plan that would make husband even happier.

  about the same time something wonderful happened.  husband worked overtime.  a lot.  like he was only home 4 nights in 3 weeks.  it wasn't good that he was gone.  i missed him like crazy.  the boys missed him.  there was only one good thing about it - it helped me accomplish my plan.

husband never asked the accountant (me) if he needed to work that much extra.  he just kept on working.   and i kept on letting him.  big fat checks started rolling in.  husband was so tired he forgot about getting paid for all that hard work.  then, it was time for my plan.  i informed husband that we were going to buy a new tv.  the flat screen kind he really wanted.  he looked all crazy at me.  

at the first store, i walked to the electronics section and stood there.  he stood there.  finally i said, "see any you like?"  he questioned me.  i informed him that we were getting a tv that day and he could pick it out or i would.  he was confused.

in the car on the way to the next store, he questioned me some more.  i sweetly explained the situation:  i want you to have a new tv for your football viewing experience; you worked way to much; you can get one today or i will find something else to do with the money.  the light bulbs started going off.  his face expression was worth more than any tv. 

husband did buy a new tv.  we now have cable.  bring on the football!

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