Monday, August 27, 2012

a God thing

i like to remember the God things.
especially the small things that tend to get forgotten.

bauer is going to play the trumpet.
oh, bless my poor ears.

no, really i do want him to.

there is a meeting i was dreading.
it was the meeting where you go to purchase the instrument.
i did not feel like i had the mental capacity to make a decision like that.
i pictured:
a squirming baby on my hip,
in a hot noisy room,
with too many decisions,
a total mental overload!

i started praying about this meeting.
not really even knowing what i was praying for help with.

anyways, bauer and i ran into an old friend.
blah, blah, blah
and he's going into 7th grade and play the trumpet
blah, blah, blah
blah, blah, blah
i'm going to drop a trumpet off at your house
blah, blah, blah

and she did.
answered prayer.

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