Wednesday, August 22, 2012

first day of school

the obligatory first day of school picture.

bauer - 7th
caden - 6th
bronson - 4th
connor - 2nd

they look scared, but really they were just annoyed with the whole take a picture thing.
they were all excited.
they stood in "number order" on their own.
and they are adorable.  i still can't believe all those boys are mine.

i did not cry this this year.
but, i almost did when i saw this one girl.
when she got out of her car, she stood frozen on the sidewalk with her head down.  she turned to look back at her mom.  the mom got out of the car and walked over to her.  this is a big no-no in the drop off line.  it was obvious it was the girl's first year at middle school and she was scared.  the mother lovingly spoke to her daughter, gave her a big hug and then quickly turned to get back into the car.  i know that mom was trying to be strong for her daughter.  i'm sure she got into her car and drove off crying.

after watching the two of them, i am so glad that all of my boys wanted to walk into school by themselves.  they did not need me.  i have been that other mom before and i am thankful that i wasn't this year.

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