Friday, October 5, 2012

justin bieber's girlfriend

we were at a department store to buy jackets.
there she sat on the counter by the register.
she did look very pretty.
my boys saw her.
they were so intrigued by her.
they had to check her out.
then they sprayed her like only boys would know how to do.
did they ever spray her.
we left smelling like a colossal cloud of girlfriendness.
while we were in the van with the windows down
she invited her friends to join us for supper at the taco bell.
 we (and everyone else in the restaurant) ate our tacos with what seemed like hundreds of girlfriends.
oh yeah.
all the girlfriends even went with us to soccer practice.
i thought being outside would make it all better.
and it did.
until we loaded back up to head home.
4 sweaty boys and girlfriends do not mix well.
i really think justin should have kept his girlfriend for himself.

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