Monday, November 26, 2012


a few months ago our boys' behavior was slipping during mass.
since this is the most important thing we do all week,
we had one of our family meetings to discuss the problems.
during this meeting the boys did all the talking.
one boy couldn't sit by this boy because they would talk.
no one wanted to sit by one brother.
and one brother just wanted to be by himself.
my resourceful boys came up with a seating chart for us.
not in a million years would i've thought of that.
i was thinking more along the lines of punishment for bad behavior.
let me tell you, i have a love-hate thing going with that seating chart.
our behavior is so much better now.
but i never get to sit beside my man during mass!
every sunday, we file into the pew like this:
and then throw the baby in there somewhere.
i know that one day all my boys will be gone doing their own thing.
then i will be sitting by my man again.
but, for right now i am thankful that we are able to go to mass as a family with a seating chart.

all of us not in seating chart order.

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Anonymous said...[Reply]

ingenious! Love how they came up with their own solution.