Monday, September 24, 2012

my new kitchen scent

my kitchen has a new scent.
want to guess what it is?
nope, not stinky diapers.
nope, not smelly shoes or socks.
give up?

bo christian broke a vat of bacon grease.
so disgusting.
i took a picture while trying to figure out the best method to clean the mess.

i know what you are thinking.
i don't have cabinet locks for a reason.
all of my babies have been uber smart and have always figured those things out before i have.
i expect bo christian to be just as intelligent.

i think the more important question is:  husband, why do we have all those vats of bacon grease?
those applesauce jars are full of old, nasty bacon grease.

i cleaned bacon grease off the floor numerous times yesterday.
it is underneath the cabinets and keeps oozing out.
so gross.
if you are looking for a new scent for your kitchen, i can hook you up.
i'm giving away free vats of bacon grease.
since a baby covered in bacon grease and shards of glass is not a good idea, the baby vat-breaker is not included.

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