Monday, February 4, 2013

super bowl sunday

yesterday afternoon we walked to the park.
it was still cold outside, but the magnificent sun was out.
while husband and i sat on a bench watching our boys,
the wind stopped and the warm sun was beating down on my face.
it felt like God was heating me up with his love.
it felt nice.
i sat still to soak up the moment.
my man was right beside me, our boys all around us and God was there with us too.
a great sunday afternoon.
just shove a brother up there if you don't have a ball.
all weekend i struggled with who to root for in the super bowl.
i know a huge decision...
husband was for the 49ers.
i like the ravens because of michael oher - you know, because of his movie.
but once i saw the teams uniforms i had to go with the ravens.
i just couldn't expect boys that wore skin tight gold pants to win.
bauer and i were the only ones cheering for the ravens.
we did pick the best team.
it's not unusual for us to sit just like this.
guess we all like each other.
in case you missed it - the head coaches of the 2 teams were brothers.
can you imagine being their mother???
it brought up a good conversation for us.
an exhausted bo christian laid down with connor just long enough to watch the half time show.

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