Friday, March 22, 2013

a post of whining

1.  this was yesterday:

it is supposed to be spring now!

2.  this week was spring break for the boys.
it was a hard week.
not a bad week, but a hard one.
it was one of those weeks where no matter what i did, i just couldn't get on top of anything.
like i was swimming as fast as i could, but i was drowning.
not even treading water.
 the husband came home each night to a grouchy wife and a fussy baby and wild big boys.
that is not the way i want my husband to be welcomed at the end of his work day.
i am surprised he continued coming home to us.

3.  our vacuum is broken.
this isn't a real problem, just an inconvenience.
i'm guessing i am supposed to say i am thankful for our shop vacuum and broom.

4.   i've never been a soda drinker.
i have been very proud of that little fact.
this week i realized i am drinking at least 1 soda a day.
it all started last summer when caden ordered a pepsi from a restaurant.
it has spiraled out of control since then.
i have decided that my family is giving up that bad-boy-juice.

5.  on a much happier note-
i found out this week my boys can help me more than i thought.
in 40 minutes we:
cleaned 2 bathrooms, windexed the house and van, dusted,
folded towels, swept the floors, and picked up downstairs.
this summer is going to be good!

6.  this was exactly 12 months ago:

do you see all that green outside?

and this was my babies 12.5 months ago:

connor will not hardly read a picture book anymore.
he's moved up to chapter books now.
his pocket full of mechanical pencils makes me smile.

and bo christian.
i want that butter-ball baby back and keep the little dookie he's turned into.

yeah, the weather effects me this much.
i need some sunshine.

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Jeannine said...[Reply]

Handsome boys! I know, we got the white stuff TWICE this week. I do not know what we are going to dress in for Easter! Snow boots and parkas?