Monday, January 6, 2014

another new year!

a single photo from new year's eve:
11:44 pm
look who stayed awake and who did not.
yes, bo christian (the 2 year old!) was awake until midnight.
connor hasn't made it until midnight yet.
husband was asleep by 10:30.
we were nice to him since he had worked all day.
all the boys and i were in our beds by 12:11am as husband was walking out the door to go to a fire.
such is the life of a fireman and a non-partying family.
i usually do not make new year resolutions.
but, this year i am.
this year we are going to eat more paleo-ish.
i cook and buy the food, so i get to decide.
less sweets and more real food for us.
the husband and i are going to try to pray the liturgy of the hours.
i know we will not pray all of them, but we are going to try for some.
i want the liturgy of the hours app.
{insert drum roll}
which means this low-tech woman has finally requested an i-phone.
i am going to trade in my vintage flip phone.
(this might be the year i start texting too, but probably not.)
tomorrow we start schooling again.
it will be nice to get back in our groove and start these resolutions.
Happy Epiphany of the Lord!

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Holly said...[Reply]

Oh my goodness! I can read it again!! : ) Hooray!
Glad to see their sweet smiling faces. You guys are adorable.

Miss you! Hope you are going to Mollys' bday on Friday night?!