Friday, August 24, 2012

happy things

1.  i like this baby.
he's even cute while doing this:

paper and onions-
what a combo.
2.  all the big boys have had a great first week of school.

i have peace when i drop them off in the morning.
that is huge.
and not to be taken for granted.

 and since this is all about me... 
i might be counting down for Christmas break.
i miss the free entertainment for the baby.

3.  i really *like* him too!

he makes me smile.
...wonder if i could've gotten a closer picture...


Holly said...[Reply]

Hey, ask that #3 if he put a door on that storage facility yet? It might help with the paper/onion fun! HAhahahaha! ; )

courtney said...[Reply]

i'll let your little "note" take care of that!!
those paper/onions gave me about 20 minutes to get things done, so i'm can't decide if i really need a door...
no, i want a door.