Tuesday, September 11, 2012

morning drop offs

first is the elementary school.
as bronson and connor are running into the school, i am yelling:
have a great day - make good choices - love you both.
they never look back and honestly, they probably never even hear me.
the other morning after they were in the school i turned to look at bauer.  i was waiting on him to close the door.
with a straight face he said, "just making sure you are finished."
smarty pants.
second is the middle school.
bauer and caden will not dare open their doors until i've said my spill:
have a great day - make good choices - love you both.
and then one will say, "are you done?"
(sometimes they even make me promise.  one time i forgot to tell them something and i yelled out the window to them after they were walking away.  they said something about embarrassing.)

after all that, they open their doors to jump out quickly as possible and slam those doors fast as they can.  they even walk away really fast.

every day i laugh to myself.
since i can't yell that i love them, i wonder what would happen if i yelled:
hate you both.
i should.  just to see their face expressions.

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