Friday, October 26, 2012

i am a runner

i have been running for about 9 years now.
i have ran lots of 5Ks.
i have even ran a half marathon.

a 5K bauer and i did when bo was 4 months old.  i have never experienced so much pain and fun at the same time.
he never trained and had a better time than me.

i have always enjoyed running.
but, when it wasn't fun
or i was too tired
or i had too much to do
i would not run for a while.
so i never considered myself a runner.

last week i was running uphill, pushing bo christian in a jogging stroller on a windy day.  for the split second that both of my feet were off the ground, i was sure that i was going backward more than i was going forward.  i knew i could walk faster than i was running.  it was in that moment that i realized i am a runner.

a picture bauer took of us while he was on his ripstick last weekend.

my point is that just because you don't do it the way "they say you are supposed to" doesn't mean you aren't.

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