Monday, October 29, 2012

the string phase

so, caden had a substitute at school.
can you imagine?  a middle school substitute.  i think that might be one of the worst jobs ever.
i am scared of middle schoolers.
i enjoy my big boys.  i even like their friends.
and i really haven't met one that i don't like - unless you count when i was in middle school.
but still, they are a terrifying group of kids.
anyways.  this sub knew what she was doing.
after the class had finished their assignment, she gave each of them some string.
then proceeded to show them string tricks.
you know, things like jacob's ladder, a fly trap and a witch's hat.
caden brought his string home and taught his brothers all the tricks.
right now i would say we are most definitely in a "string phase".
here are the boys one night watching a you tube video on the ipad.
they are learning how to make a witch's broom.
their determination...
here we are after they learned their new trick.
guess who was still watching football.
and no, connor did not get glasses.  they are husband's old ones with the lenses out.
he had worn them for book character day at school.
he cracks me up.

connor wanted me to take a picture of him riding his "witches broom".

seriously. cracks. me. up.

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