Sunday, November 4, 2012

...daylight savings time

this morning i woke up 45 minutes late.
i slept through the alarm.
i jumped in the shower and began to mentally determine what had to be done to get my boys to religious ed on time.
then, husband reminded me of daylight savings time.
this one time i am very thankful for it.
we had time for breakfast at the table.

 and here is proof that one time we were early.

btw - i will not be thankful next week when it is dark at 6pm.


Holly said...[Reply]

Your pictures are so good! : ) How did you get you in the said you didn't even know how to get them to your computer, and you did it on a timer? Impressed. ; )

Room for a couple more kids around that beautiful table! : ) Hugs! Holly

courtney said...[Reply]

i'm cracking up!!! i'll have to show you the tri-pod thingie husband made. we used it. and husband knows how to use the timer - i don't have a clue!
see you tomorrow. blessings!