Saturday, November 3, 2012

thankful for my boys

you knew this one was coming didn't you.
i thought about taking one day for each boy, but then i thought that would be cheating.
i am very thankful that i get to be a mother.
not all women are able to be a mom.
it is easier for some and harder for some.
some mommas have babies on the other side of the world waiting on them.
and some mommas have babies in heaven they have never met.
i think our society doesn't appreciate the gift of being able to be a mom.
i am glad i get to experience life with my boys.

a short story about one of my boys that will remain nameless...
so, i was explaining something to a boy of mine.
something he needed to listen to.
i was trying to get his attention - he doesn't listen well:
me:  listen to me very closely.  i need you to remember this.
the boy sticks his dirty finger nailed finger in my face and says:  no.  you listen to me.
yes, i was speechless.  my boys are not allowed to talk to me that way.
the boy sounding so sweet:  i got you a christmas present.
then he raised his leg right there and farted a rumbling loud stinky fart.
boy:  i know it is a little early, but i think it'll do.
i did laugh. i don't even remember what i was trying to tell him.  but, i do remember his face expression.  he was so proud of himself.
what is it with boys and farting?

but for real, i am thankful i get to be a mom to all these boys.

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