Friday, November 16, 2012 store day

today is grocery store day.
i only go to the grocery every other friday.
i go to three different stores.
it takes planning, but so worth it for many reasons.
last night i started stressing.
my lists were not in order - i might be anal or efficient, you can decide.
bo christian wanted lots of attention from only me.
spelling words still needed to be studied.
then i realized the real kicker.
i had scheduled doctor appointments for bronson and connor at noon today.
how in the world???
the baby would need at least a morning nap!
but, i got it all figured out.
you know, since i am efficient and all.
since i am thinking thankful thoughts this month
i realized how thankful i am for my grocery store day.

i can't imagine my husband going to work hungry.
or one of my boys ever being hungry.
i can't even think of too many meals that i have missed.

sometimes i don't feel like driving to the grocery
and pushing my baby around in a cart
to gather all our food.
there are women who have to carry a baby on their back
while balancing a bucket on their head and walk miles
just to get sort of clean water for their families.
and sometimes i don't want to eat what i have bought.
there are women who just wish for plain rice for their families.
i should be embarrassed.

i am thankful for my grocery store day.

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