Wednesday, November 14, 2012

...just a bunch of stuff

last night bronson had a school program.
there he is - the cute blond boy in the middle.
they sang patriotic songs.
i only teared up once.  those children sounded so pretty.
bronson can now sing a song that lists every state in the usa.  wish i could do that.
bauer and caden wanted to come watch bronson.  i think that was sweet of them.
after school bauer had a soccer game.  then he came home and immediately started his homework.
he never complained about being tired - even though i know he was.
caden saw his favorite teacher.  he gave her a hug.  that takes a lot of guts when you are a 6th grader.

connor saw the program earlier in the day during school.
he sat quietly and drew mario and a quarter the whole time.

husband surprised me and came home early from work so we could eat dinner as a family before the program.
he knows how important that is to me.
i messed up the surprise.
i wasn't expecting him so we had already eaten.
bo christian had a blast.
he had to leave numerous times because he was clapping and "singing" way too loud.
and he kept insisting on standing on the table so he could see better.

proof that i was there.
i am just thankful for all of it.
for the boys' great schools, everything they are learning, their teachers.
for my boys who love each other.
for my man who tried to give me a wonderful surprise.
for his new job so that he could sit beside me and watch bronson too.
it was a good night.

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