Wednesday, March 20, 2013

just too good

do you have a thing that is just too good?
a thing that you take for granted?
i do.
it is putting him to bed.
after bo christian was a couple of months old,
he didn't want to be rocked or nursed to sleep anymore.
he just wanted to be laid in his bed.
you could say i was extremely upset about this.
but, i followed his lead like i have done with all my babies.
now, i just give him his passy and blankie and tell him how much Jesus loves him.
sometimes he is throwing his blankies in his bed before i am finished.
and sometimes he is even diving from my arms into his bed.
he usually sings and talks to himself for a while.
and he never cries unless he is over tired.
every once in a while when i ask if he is ready to go night-night,
he will shake his head no.
i will wait a few minutes and ask again and then it will be time.
we really hit the jack-pot with this little too good thing.